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Go-to-Market – successfully implemented

COVID-19 in particular highlights the challenges companies are facing when confronting a “black swan” event: re-inventing themselves with complex Go-to-Market projects and no available roadmap. Good products alone are not enough to attract the attention of potential customers. Brand-conscious customers today are looking for holistic brand experiences.

For more than 25 years, I have been driven by the interaction of people, brands and products at the point of sale, working with the most influential global brands and companies on the cutting edge.

The POS is “the moment of truth”, because this is where product, customer and retail meet. A GoToMarket is successful when added value was created for the customer.
Moreover, in the next 10 years the way we live and consume will radically change, and the demands on business will evolve and change. Staying ahead of the game means reinventing and transforming the way things are done.
As a brand/branding expert spanning diverse fields of expertise, part of my interim mandate is the development of a concept for strong brand and product communication that is aimed at product quality and promotes consumer´s identification with it. Herein I support CEOs in identifying their growth potential through a targeted Go-to-Market strategy and help them redefine the paradigms of their markets, revenue streams and customer relationships. Effectively implementing it requires the identification of the talent-pool in the company as well as a precise analysis of the processes, company data and the market.
My approach is the interplay between analytical tasks and creative ones, fusing logic with imagination to discover and deliver marketing innovations that open up new business opportunities.

Helping my client rethink their business from a customer perspective, I don’t just optimise what exists but focus on the fundamentals of how a brand and a product will interact in the future to create long-term value. Facing complexity and being able to break it down into simple truths, that's what is important to me in my work for my clients.

In practice as an interim manager, the establishment of B2B partnerships with the has proven itself, again and again. In order to get consumers excited about a product brand, I work with the team to implement innovative marketing activities at the point of sale.
Having run many high-quality visual marketing POS campaigns, I help brand companies that rely on retail space with the transformation of commercial brand spaces into physical and digital experience spaces that transcend the ordinary.
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Building Senior-Level Client Relationships

Globalization – while under discussion - still offers enormous growth potential. Using my experience serving a broad range of international clients, in nine different countries, I work hard to support a clients´ international sales team at building stable relationships with their distributors, agents or customers. One of my core competences is the strategic structuring of distribution networks, and and building senior-level customer relationships. If required, I will look for agents to acquire new customers in the target markets.

Taking responsibility for results

Establishing local sales networks and channels can be a challenge for companies, especially if they are not familiar with the respective culture and business practices.

To minimize the risk of a “faux pas” when entering an international market it can be worthwhile to work with an expert, temporarily, who takes responsibility for the results. Ideally, this expert is multilingual, familiar with different cultures and can build long-term international customer relationships.

A successful of market entry can be measured with these KPIs, amongst others:

  • Number of newly launched products in the market,
  • Acquisition of new customers and distributors,
  • generated sales and margin,
  • customer feedback,
  • as well as delayed: direct job applications as a sign of increased attractiveness of the employer on the international job market.

Only with a strong sales team can entry into a newly targeted market, foreign or domestic, be achieved. I leverage the sales team members´ effectiveness through training, and ensuring that employees knowledge is transferred before the end of the project.

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