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Interim Manager Alexis Noguer

A variety of capabilities

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I have been working as an interim manager since 2013, spanning diverse fields of expertise and serving a broad client and industry spectrum all over Europe,- listed companies, medium-sized family-owned companies, and start-ups. I have practical experience in setting up a Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP) with a university.

Managing complex carve-out & post-merger integration campaigns across national borders is a challenge, and each Go-To-Market challenge is unique: this requires a variety of capabilities.

I am driven by innovation with an eye for detail, from strategy all the way through to execution.

My can-do attitude and my ability to motivate others – no matter what walks of life or country they are from - is what sets me apart.
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Interim Management since 2013
Since June 2023
General Management, Business Transformation
Following its acquisition by Dutch family-owned houseware company Brabantia in Dec 2019, and the departure of its previous managing director, I have been tasked by the new owners with re-invigorating the Lékué business model in such a way that the company remains competitive in the future, building on its three key assets: the power of the brand, the high motivation and capability of its team of people, and the knowledge and network of the Brabantia group of companies.
The objective is to achieve this by…
  • accelerating the product innovation & development process
  • expanding the international footprint of the company, focusing on core markets and partnership with the clients
  • maintaining the competitive advantage in our digital media footprint (social media, online)   
  • implementing efficient process and organization
  • being strategically steady while flexible enough to deal with the challenges of the current and future world, in short: to achieve resilience
Good Food Made Easy
Jun. 2022 – Apr. 2023
Go-to-Market, Business Transformation
Business Transformation of an After-Sales division (service) of the Liquid Food Business Unit (~ 80 million € annual TO).
Transformed after-sales division, generating €1.4M extra contribution at €300k cost. Activated dormant customers, exceeded service KPIs. Designed "Machine Health Check" sales push. Facilitated €10M equipment purchase. Successfully handed over role and strategic plan.
Sep. 2020 - Mar. 2021
Carve-Out & Integration
Carve Out of the After-Sales business unit from a High-Tech plastics-company (~100 Mio€ annual turnover) in Germany, followed by its integration into a leading company in the Sanitary Industry (~100 Mio € TO), part of the same company group, at another location in Germany.
Smooth transition of the business, on-time, achieving synergies and cost-savings, achieved in the framework of a hardened national COVID-19 lockdown. Collaboration with internal M&A team on the transfer of IP rights, employee(s) and the APA contract.
Dec. 2019 – Aug. 2020
Carve-Out & Integration, PP-R Piping
Carve-Out of the Wefatherm business from Akatherm, a Dutch subsidiary of the Aliaxis Group (>3 Bill € TO, ~16.000 employees), followed by its transfer and integration into Marley Deutschland GmbH.
Analysis of the Wefatherm PP-R target business, its processes, key people, and sales & distribution agreements. Successful transition establishing a project plan with milestones, actions and weekly meetings with all team leaders to follow-up. Advised on Sales organization restructuring and the new business plan. “Go-Live” on 1st September 2020, with no hick-ups, and the highest customer satisfaction feedback.

Following the Go-Live date, I was hired for another four months and tasked with developing new business opportunities and strategies for the integrated company.
Sep. 2020 – Dec. 2020
International Business Development (Follow-up project)
Design strategies and actions to develop international business for the Wefatherm PP-R business.
In the field, I recommended three new agents to the CEO, which were subsequently hired, in: Turkey, Spain/Israel and Ethiopia. These agents are immediately began developing new business opportunities in: Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Spain , Israel and East Africa. I trained the agents, and then integrated them into the new sales organization created via the Integration of the Wefatherm business in Germany (see above).

I advised the CEO on the Social Media strategy and helped establish the Wefatherm company LinkedIn Webpage, helped designed its concept, a “hero” digital media campaign, and I established the KPIs for the senior management.
Dec. 2018 – Sep. 2019
3D Sales & Marketing, Strategy & Execution
Re-position Rolf Lenk Werkzeug und Maschinenbau GmbH as a 3D-Metal Printing service manufacturer. Develop domestic and international business.
New strategy based on company´s USP: Metal Additive Manufacturing PLUS finishing. Acquired new customers in Prototyping (Japan) and Machining & Tooling (Germany). Developed Social-Media-Strategy and generated 2.500 followers on LinkedIn-for the Founder/CEO.
Oct. 2018 – May 2019
Go-to-Market Strategy
Digital O&P services and products , Mecuris GmbH
Market Research Best Cases, Strategic Focus, GoToMarket action plan. Evaluated potential of custom-fitted, customized 3D-printed plastic foot prostheses as well as MSP digital platform.
Dec. 2015 – Apr. 2018
Product Launch Xetto ®: Go-to-Market Strategy & Execution
Hoerbinger Automotive 
Bring to market the mobile loading device, Xetto ®, developed by Hoerbiger´s automotive and hydraulics unit.
After previous unsuccessful iterations, I came on board and developed the successful GoToMarket strategy, and its execution, based on the knowledge that a new technical product needs to prove itself and be shown at the POS (point-of-sale). I designed a triple-tier market segmentation, focusing on professional German electrical and tooling retail stores. I designed the pricing strategy, the training manual, lead the road show across Germany and personally acquired the majority of 30 retailers. KPIs were: visibility at POS, motivation of the staff of the B2B sales channel, and visual marketing campaigns at POS. Xetto ® was divested by Hoerbiger in 2020.
Jan. 2014 – Nov. 2015
Market Entry of UAV AscTec Falcon 8
Determine USPs for commercial applications of this multi-copter UAV (drone) “Made in Gemany”, and develop a viable business model, establishing First-Mover Advantage.
Its V-shape architecture and its advanced control algorithms where identified as the USPs on which to build specific applications that would allow market inroads in: industrial inspection, surveying, and precision agriculture. Built partnership with Spanish aviation authority AESA which certified the AscTec Falcon 8 for UAS pilot training and certification in Spain in 2014.
Jan. 2013 – May 2013 | Jan. 2014 – May 2014
Go-to-Market & Launch in Food Retail Spain & Germany
Dittmeyer`s Fruchtplantagen GmbH
Develop a concept to launch Fresh Blueberries in the chilled segment of Food Retailers
Based on market research in the UK and my experience as brand manager at The Coca-Cola Company, I developed a trend-setting concept for fresh berries called: „Home & Away From Home“. Segmenting the category by consumption opportunities, the innovative “shaker” (with a hole at the top), communicating a “To Go” solution to the consumer, resulted in getting listed at leading retail chains Aldi, L‘ Esclat, and Casa Ametller, in Spain, as well as wholesalers CMR and Fruiver, and Aldi in Germany.

Dittmeyer´s fresh fruit business which grew from a dozen tons of blueberries sold in its launch year in 2015, has grown to over 120t in 2021, six years later.

Professional background

Jan. 2013 - today
Interim Manager (Self-employed)
for „Carve Out & Integration" & „Go-To-Market“
Sept. 2010 – Aug. 2012
General Manager, Spain
Sept. 2008 – Aug. 2010
General Manager Spain & Portugal
Jul. 2000 – Aug. 2008
Sales Director & Country Manager Spain
Oct. 1997 – Dec. 1999
The Coca-Cola Company
Assistant Brand Manager, Fruitopia, Nestea, Minute Maid, Nordic Mist
London, Oslo, Hamburg
Sept. 1993 – Sept. 1997
Sales Director & Key Account Manager


Karlsruhe, Deutschland
1986 – 1992
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Engineering (MSc), Economics (Diplom)
Diplomarbeit Culture & Management, 1st Prize SEW Eurodrive Stiftung
Boston, USA
Harvard Business School
Executive Programm for Management Development,
Company-sponsored by Brabantia
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