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Go-to-Market of a MedTech Start-Up in 3D orthopaedic technologies

Key data

Project period
2018 - 2019


Mecuris, a key enabler for digitally manufactured O&P solutions worldwide.



Go-to-market market study for tailor-made orthoses & prostheses from the 3D printer
Test customer acceptance - with O&P professionals (B2B) - of replacing the manual process of plaster fitting with a digital production technology
Evaluate if O&P customers (B2B) would be interested in the MSP Mecuris Solution Platform, the digital workshop for orthotics & prosthetics
Creation of a case study on the market entry of additively manufactured prosthetic feet from the 3D printer in selected test markets

Strategy & Execution

  1. Analysis of the value chain
  2. End-user surveys on FirStep in Sant Joan de Déu Children's Hospital in Barcelona. SJD Children's Hospital is a highly specialised centre for the treatment of children, the largest of its kind in Spain
  3. Product presentation and in orthopedic stores in Spain and Germany and research of their customer needs


1. The test market Spain showed:
  • Mecuris is perceived as an innovator and expert in children's prosthetic feets, and “Made in Germany” is seen as a clear competitive advantage in medical technology
  • The market for individual, 3D-printed prosthetic cosmetics, “Covers”, tailor-made for the individual calf shape, is a growth market that Mecuris should prioritize in its product rollout strategy
  • The roll-out of new digital software products in the pipeline such as the Mecuris Solutions Platform (MSP) that allows you to configure prosthetic feet for adults and children as well as highly individual prosthesis covers should be accelerated
2. A Go-to-Market strategy for the market entry of custom-fitted, customized 3D-printed plastic prosthetic feet was developed
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