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Go-to-Market: achieving listing of fresh blueberries in leading food retailer

Key data

Project period
2014 - 2015


Traditional Hamburg-based fresh fruit company, known for popular juice brands and which is now growing oranges and blueberries on plantations in Germany, France and Spain for the entire European market.



Positioning the brand of the plantation grower as a premium product
Listing of the newly grown blueberries in the fresh segment of a leading food retailer in Spain, against the background that the Spanish consumer was not yet familiar with the product
Achieve higher margins with an innovative concept in German food retail and displace the competition

Strategy & Execution

  1. Analysis of purchasing and consumption habits for this product category, determination of the market potential. Define the added value for the customer
  2. Development of a strategy with tailored communication to create incentives to buy: health, taste and nutritional value are the most important "drivers"
  3. Development of an innovative packaging concept for food retail, based on two types of packaging for different consumer habits: “home”, and "away from home"
  4. Classification of the product according to different consumption moments, segmenting by different packaging sizes and prices
  5. Acquisition of new key customers (implementation of the concept)
"And the effect continues to this day, - our sales in Spain are now around 120 tons a year in the high-price fresh food segment!"
Clemens Dittmeyer
Owner of the family business Dittmeyer's Frucht-Plantagen GmbH & Co. KG


Organization of the logistic chilled chain
Successful launch of the concept in retail: listing at ALDI and Casa Ametller in Spain
Successful listing of the product at ALDI in Germany with a packaging innovation, a so-called “Shaker”: yoghurt cups with a hole in the lid with blueberries as a healthy snack for on the go and a call-to-action on the packaging
Food retailers demanded deliveries of more wild berries in the fresh segment, expanding the category and the client´s shelf space
Further wild berries listed in the fresh segment => raspberries from Spain, branded with the plantation grower
The client conquered a permanent place on the fresh produce shelf (retail space as the most important KPI), generating better margins in Germany
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