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New Business Development for 3D-Metal Printing Company

Key data

Project period
2018 – 2019
Go-to-Market, Emerging Technologies (3D Metal Printing)


A medium-sized company near Hamburg for metal tooling and mechanical engineering, using two 3D metal printing technologies, from Gefertec and SLM Solutions, respectively.

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The company wants to re-position itself strategically and acquire industrial customers looking for 3D metal produced parts in prototyping and small series manufacturing.


Business development: winning new markets and customers
Evaluation of existing trade fair contacts and research into customer needs
Design a marketing campaign for social media to increase awareness of the company among the target group
Development of a company strategy that brings together the possibilities of the new additive metal production technology with those customers who can use these possibilities for cost or time savings and are also willing to pay for them

Strategy & Execution

  1. Determine the added value for the customer: working out the USP for the (expensive) manufacturing technology
  2. Showcase the technology via user-friendly videos with case studies; viral marketing via LinkedIn in order to win more B2B customers


Market & USP research result: because it enables free biometric design possibilities, 3D metal printing technology is perfectly suited to print optimized injection moulds. 3D printed conforming cooling designs allow to increase the cycle frequency of injection moulds
Acquired a tooling manufacturer in Germany, for whom company 3D-printed complex tools with cooling channels
Acquired a prototyping customer in Japan for whom a gas tank with biometric structures was supplied, manufactured additively of aluminum on SLM Solutions printing machines
Developed LinkedIn webpage of company and CEO, generating followers and business leads
Cooperation with Bugatti, an automobile manufacturer; made best-case video “Conforming Cooling”
To solve acute challenges I offer you my support even at short notice.
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